PT. Kharindo Prakarsa was originally founded by our father Mr. Khoe Kay Siong. As you read through, you will find out that our company has experienced 4 times changes on the name of the company. This is due to moving to a new location and reorganization of the company as it develops.

Sin Chiu Batik Dyestuff & Chemicals

1952 - 1965

Mr. Khoe Kay Siong established "Sin Chiu" company with its location at Jl. Tanah Abang Bukit No. 79 Jakarta.

At that period, we were just dealing with some main products such as Reactive Dyestuff ex. ICI, Sandoz and HoechstAcid & Basic Dyestuff ex. BASF, ICI.

Mega Warna

1966 - 1984

The name of the company was changed to Mega Warna, which means magnificent color. This moving to new location is due to larger office space is needed. It was entirely a private company and was a distributor of following pigment and textile chemicals.

  • - Mikuni Colours Works (Pigment textile color for printing)
  • - Shin Nakamura Chemical (Textile chemicals)
  • - Sinloihi (Daylight fluorescent colors)
  • - Union Carbide Indonesia (Textile printing binder, textile stiffener and softener, acrylic size)

PD. Sumber Warna

1985 - 1987

Mega Warna was changed to "P.D Sumber Warna" which means the source of color, due to company's expansion and reorganization. This new company has the same line of business with the former one.

PT. Kharindo Prakarsa

1988 - NOW

We came to a decision to reorganize the company which will enable us to expand the business to more challenging market. This reorganization has encouraged us to have a head office and it's branches in Bandung, Solo and Surabaya.