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  • Antifoam

    used as foam removal during the process of printing, dyeing and in pigments and pastes manufacturing.

  • Fixing Agent

    is a chemical to help dye to bind with fabric perfectly, is usually needed in the process of printing and dyeing.

  • Sulphur Dyestuff

    is a dye commonly used in dyeing of textile fabrics, commonly used with Black color which results in a more jet-black color.

  • Sodium Alginate

    thickener commonly used as media in the process of reactive printing and it's then gone during washing.

  • Sodium Hydrosulfite

    general chemical which function is to assist in the reduction cleaning process, fading reactive dyes and washing using machine.

  • Alumunium Oxide
    byNippon Light Metal Co. LtdfromJapan

    This product is usually used in ceramic industry as the bleaching and anti sticky between body and lorry during burning process (in ceramic tile). It is also common in making the refractories (fire brick) and as abrasive on steel.

  • Alumunium Paste

    Pigment which is widely used in paint, ink, and plastic .

  • Calcium Carbonate

    Filler in paint  and ceramic manufacturing