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  • Namlon
    byKusumoto Chemical, LtdfromJapan

    widely used as anti sagging and anti settling agent for solvent paint.

  • Art Pearl
    byNegami Chemicals LtdfromJapan

    Soft Tought Pigment for plastic coating, this product is based on Acrylic and polyurethane.

  • Titanium Dioxide
    byIshihara Sangyo KaishafromJapan

    is the most widely used white pigment because of its brightness and very high refractive index (n = 2.7), in which it is surpassed only by a few other materials.

  • Corn Starch

    is used as a thickening agent in soups and liquid-based foods, such as sauces, gravies and custard. It preferred over flour because it forms a translucent mixture, rather than an opaque one.

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

    is a polymer that approaches elastomeric materials in softness and flexibility, yet can be processed like other thermoplastics. The material has good clarity and gloss, barrier properties, low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot-melt adhesive water proof properties, and resistance to UV radiation. EVA has little or no odor and is competitive with rubber and vinyl products in many electrical applications.

  • Reinforcing Resin
    byDA YeonfromKorea

    This resin for tire of an unpaved road like jeep, truck, tracktor, etc, can be used for improve chip-cut, chip cut means that tyre can be cutted on the unpaved road because of bad road

  • Water Proof Treatment
    byDA YeonfromKorea

    for water proof has a water and oil repellency as well as stain realease