Khoritex Color

khorifluo, khorisan, khorina, khoribright
khoritex color printing
khoritex color


Manufacturer:PT. Kharindo Prakarsa
Country : Indonesia
Type : Manufacturer
Function:Pigment Printing
Industry :
Textile ( Printing, Dyeing )


is a water-based organic pigment resin color, which is in accordance with Oeko-tex Standard 100, can be used as a colorant in printing and dyeing process in textile, also as a dye in paint. Has a good fastness durability.



  • Standard Color

    Organic Pigment Resin Color

Non Oeko Tex

  • Khorifluo

    Daylight Fluorescent Pigment

  • Khorisan

    Daylight Fluorescent Pigment

  • Khorina

    Daylight Fluorescent Pigment

  • Khoribright

    Daylight Fluorescent Pigment