Khoritex Paste

rubber paste printing
non rubber printing
metalic printing
puff printing


Manufacturer:PT. Kharindo Prakarsa
Country : Indonesia
Type : Manufacturer
Function:Printing Paste
Industry :


is a water-based paste, which can be used for printing on textiles, woven and knitting fabric, on rotary & flat printing machines and also hand printing. In accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


Oeko Tex

  • Rubber Paste

    Ready for used elastic paste

  • Non Rubber Paste

    Ready for used paste

  • Extender

    Ready for used standard paste

Non Oeko Tex

  • Foaming Paste

    Ready for used puff paste

  • Metallic Paste

    Ready for used paste for Gold & Silver

  • Emulsifier

    Thickener for mixing Oil & Water