Paint chemicals has been one of our specialty for more then 20 years. With products from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, we offer only the best for you. We supply pigments, gravure for dying & printing purpose. Lorem epsum lorem epsum lorem.

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  • Mikuni
    byMikuni Colour WorksfromJapan

    is an organic pigment resin color, can be used as dyes in printing and dyeing process in textile, also used as dye in the manufacture of paint, it has a good transparent characteristic. A good fastness power and does not contain formaldehyde.

  • Sinloihi
    bySinloihi Co. LtdfromJapan

    is a daylight fluorescent pigment, can be used as dyes in printing and dyeing process in textile, paint and ink industry.In accordance with the Oeko-Tex standard 100 for SW type.

  • Bronze Powder
    byFukuda Metal Foil & Powder Co. LtdfromJapan

    is a Bronze powder commonly used for printing on Gold textiles, as well as Gold color in paint and ink. Available in 3 colors Pale Gold, Rich Pale Gold and Rich Gold and has a particle size from smooth to rough depending on your needs.

  • Alumunium Paste

    Pigment which is widely used in paint, ink, and plastic .

  • Calcium Carbonate

    Filler in paint  and ceramic manufacturing

  • Defoamer
    byC. H. ErbslohfromGermany

    Used for Foaming Control Agent, PU Thickener, Rust Remover

  • Disparlon
    byKusumoto Chemicals LTDfromJapan

    Thixotropic Agent, and Surface Control additive such as leveling agent, defoaming agent, dispersant and wetting agent. It is widely used as anti settling agent for automotive paint, available in many variant to help solving the coating problem.

  • Micronized Silica
    byFuji Sylsia ChemicalsfromJapan

    Widely used as matting agent in paint, ink and it is also applicable as anti blocking ink, and a bonding strength for water base adhesive