We supply pigment resin color, printing paste and auxiliaries for printing and dyeing purpose.

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  • Oribine
    byToyo OribinefromJapan

    is solvent adhesive from Japan, commonly used as glue in textile printing table, can be mixed with toluene in the process of its usage. Has a good sticky power.

  • OBA

    used as Optical Brightening Agent on fabric, causes fabric to become whiter and brighter. Can be used for cotton fabrics, Rayon, Nylon and Polyester.

  • Lithopone
    byBio TiofromChina

    is a filler commonly used in the production of water-based paste on textile and paint industry.

  • Foaming Powder

    is a raw material used in manufacturing of Foaming paste, with expandable characteristic when exposed to heat causing paste to be thick / high.

  • Flame Retardant

    is a chemical which helps fabrics so it won't easily get burned when exposed to fire, commonly used for firefighting clothing, curtains, bed cover, fabric, chair upholstery (covering).

  • Thickener

    is an acrylic thickeners, commonly used in the manufacture of printing paste, can be condensed when added with ammonia.

  • Binder

    is binding color pigment on fabric causing it to bind perfectly and does not fade when washed.

  • Softener

    used as softener and lubricant, commonly used in textiles industry in finishing process causing fabric to be softer.