PT. Kharindo Prakarsa foremost mission is to innovate and deliver superiority of commodities and services to all interested parties as well as constructing an appropriate business environment and generating a harmonic and lasting associations.

We also vision ourselves to meet our customers’ needs and is mindful to the significance of improvements in order to be our customers’ initial choice by researching and delivering the finest quality of products and services.


  • Attending to our customers’ demand and initial needs before communicating and delivering the most suitable products with superior quality and outstanding service to achieve a mutual understanding and a long-term relationship based on trust, integrity and merit.

  • Capitalizing our team in researching, inventing, developing and producing superior, durable and consistent products for our customers.

  • Valuing relationship with suppliers by retaining a trustworthy and efficient way of trading to accomplish a communal satisfaction and to also maintain a continuing business relation in a professional way.

  • Maintaining the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and also protecting the environment by minimizing our impact upon it.